Welcome to the pack! The Digital Wolf website was created for the editor, Kristina Vukovic (me), to share in one place stories, tips & tricks, thoughts and worries about some important topics like:

  • digital marketing and communications,
  • e commerce,
  • consulting work and working with clients,
  • career development,
  • doing business in general.

Why the name The Digital Wolf?

My last name is Vukovic, which base is Vuk = wolf in Serbian. The name of the future website was born a few years ago while I was working on my final case study, for some scholarship for an entrepreneurship course I’ve got. It came first and foremost from my last name, but also form the characteristics of an animal in question: strong, dedicated, powerful.

What to expect?

On the “Blog” section you will find my recent posts on the topics already listed above, and on the rest of the website, you can know me a little bit better through my portfolio. Of course, you should come and join the wolf pack on Social Media, too!

Kristina The Digital Wolf @ The Digital Wolf
Kristina, The Digital Wolf