What a client doesn’t know about his Social Media Manager

What a client doesn't know about his Social Media Manager

Dear Client,

It’s five AM and I haven’t slept much. I woke up long before my alarm made its annoying beeping sound. But I’m okay with that. There is always something to do when you are a Social Media Manager.

As I drink my morning coffee, I sit with my paper planner and try to remember every tiny thing that I should do for you today, especially ones that are time sensitive.  Do you know that I have a special part in my business planner dedicated to your business? In that section, I write some meeting notes, a rough sketch of your advertising budget and ideas for your content on your Social Media.

After that, in about an hour later, I open my laptop. It’s time to face all those people across the internet. My checklist says I should publish an article on your website, schedule some posts, check the analytics and run some Facebook Ads for you. It’s a well-defined path of every Social Media Manager!

I must admit, I am very stressed. I’m a bit overwhelmed, too. Although I try my best to keep myself organized, I feel like the amount of “to do’s” is so big it could knock me down. For example, the numbers and statistics annoy me sometimes, and I would rather write you a piece of good skyscraper content than to make these reports for you.

Sometimes I would schedule all posts ahead of time, and don’t even worry about that, except for the comments I answer. Those days I spend mostly traveling or just enjoying nature. I think it’s healthy for me, and for you, to find a good work balance. We need to recharge our work batteries to get your product out there the best we can. 

On the days like these, you are the one who gives me a headache: you change your mind one hundred times, you don’t send me those photos and data for the new campaign you told me you would. Sometimes it’s so hard to be the only one that cares. 

In only a few hours the campaign for your new product will start. I worked until late in the night to make everything perfect – from visuals and copy for the Social Media, to meta description for some videos on your YouTube channel. I am so nervous about the result of this campaign – I’ve put so much of myself into it.  I always try my best, but digital marketing is based on technology so it can fail sometimes. You never know, do you?

That’s it for now – I hope you’ll be glad hearing from me. You can write me back, it’s always nice to speak to you.

Best regards,

Your Social Media Manager

Why you should never be a Digital Marketer

Why you should never be a Digital Marketer

From the outside it looks great: creativity, brainstorming and pitching, but from the inside, it is 70% of hard work and 30% of espresso coffee. From a digital marketer brought directly to you: this is why you should never be one!

The good, the bad and the ugly of digital marketing

I remember the time when I had a “mission” to write a complete Social media presence strategy for one company I worked for. As the deadline was approaching, I gathered all my sources and structured some steps towards the complete Social Media growth strategy. I just had to note down my conclusions in a Word document.

But when it got to the last night of my deadline, I was overwhelmed with stress. Couldn’t finish for the life of me. I had to finalize and call it a night. But I couldn’t.

I stayed up until 5 a.m. and took a bus to work only 2,5 hours later. I had my written strategy, but I was sick, tired, and burned out. The result: one successful presentation. Oh yeah, and passing out when I came home. That was definitely The Good, The Bad and The Ugly at the same time. 

Stressful, but worth it

Digital marketer: The calling

A bit creative and technical oriented, a digital marketer is truly a multidisciplined person. You have many ways to express only one thought, goal or product, whether it be through text, photo, video or an app. 

Because of the nature of the industry, we are condemned to be always on top of things, testing the new algorithms and implementing them. If you are not keen on doing this constantly and also not so great in organization and time management, you should never be a digital marketer.

As a person who developed a digital marketing skillset from nothing, and started a marketing consultancy for SME, I guarantee that you can forget all of the above when your work starts paying off. For example: when your client gets the first sale on his e-commerce website, or when you manage to publish your client’s PR text on a popular online media portal. 

Small wins counts.

That feeling when you realize that you actually helped someone grow their business can’t be compared with anything. At least, that is how I work and that is what drives me.

If you don’t like to dive into the field of digital marketing until it becomes your world, you should never be a digital marketer. Yeah, simple as that.

Have any thoughts on this topic? Write them down in the comments! I love to hear from you.

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